Monday, November 23, 2009

My frustration with couponing.

Inconsistent coupon policies.

Today while shopping, I had .55 coupons for Mento's gum. The gum was priced .99 so my Q's would have made my gum free. SCORE! BUT, I noticed the coupons didn't double. I know they had barcodes that started with a 5, which means they would automatically double when scanned, however they also had the words, DO NOT DOUBLE across the top. In the past, I have used coupons that said 'do not double,' but they still doubled them with no problem since the barcode did not prevent the computer from doubling. I also know that others have bought this very same gum this week and got it for free.

My guess is that the store decided not to double THIS Q. Which would be fine if they had it in their policy that they do not double coupons that cause overage...or that they will only double up to free...but that's not the case.

I stopped at customer service and asked why this didn't double today and she said they NEVER double coupons that say DO NOT DOUBLE. I guess what burned me up was that she gave an answer that I KNOW is not true! IF that is TRULY their policy, then the cashiers need to be a LOT more diligent to stop Q's from doubling when they shouldn't. I have been shopping many times in their store and my Q's always double.

So, here's my question(s): Who's pocket does the double come out of? Does the manufacturer reimburse the store 2x? Or do the stores 'eat' the 2nd amount as a loss leader, or way to drive business to their stores? If the STORES double as an incentive to bring in customers, then why does the manufacturer CARE if they double a Q or not? In essence, why print a coupon with a barcode that will double and then print DO NOT DOUBLE on the same coupon?! It's a mixed message!! Both to the savvy couponer and the stores who waffle from day to day on how to process those Q's.

I hope I didn't ruin it for the rest of you locals when I told her that their cashiers DO double Q's that are marked DO NOT DOUBLE and if that is their policy, they need to be more consistent. If not, they need to let couponers reap the benefits of being savvy shoppers. /end rant/

Other shoppers who hoard.

Listen. I know you love savings. I do too. Since you are shopping alone, I don't know if you are shopping for a family of 6 (like I am) or an empty nest. I do know sometimes the temptation is to overbuy and 'donate' to a local charity. The 'high' off the saving can be pretty compelling!!

I just ask that you be judicious in your choices. When you push your buggy past mine with 30 shave gels in it because they are free when you stack Q's the right way, you are not being philanthropic, you are being greedy. Pure and simple.

While matching the sales to the coupons, finding that our local area doesn't have the Q's for the products.

I'll be honest, I wouldn't know a 'good price' on a lot of items at the grocery store if they hit me between the eyes. My shopping strategy for many years has been to make a run in, throw whatever suited my fancy into the cart, and get out. When we ran out of money before we ran out of month, I knew something needed to change. I started subscribing to menu planning services so that my menu and my list would be planned at once, but that doesn't always work. the list is helpful , but I was still overspending since I was purchasing groceries at a premium price.

I learned about couponing, but was slow to warm to it. Eventually though, the saving won me over. However, I still don't have a price book. I rely on sites that do the matching for me. My frustration is that often, there will be a great sale that matches with a fantastic coupon and I will go to my stash to find that out local paper doesn't have that Q! I know many people would say that I could just order from coupon clippers or ebay, but here's the rub...that would require me to be organized and disciplined enough to check the blogs at the beginning of the sales cycle to have enough time to order and receive the coupons in the mail. I just don't have that much structure or discipline. Honestly, it drains me to do this at all. It is only when I get the receipt and the end of the day that I feel like it's really worth the effort.

So, I just end up missing those sales items, or paying more for them that the lucky gals who live in the right area.

Couponers, weigh in...I'd love to hear if you have any answers to those question or if you've had similar experiences.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Case Against Late Night TV

So I was up wayyy tooo late the other night, taking advantage of the last few weeks of summer and the ability to sleep in without it being too much of a disruption to the flow of the next day.  It was late, way past when any good programming is on and well into the infommercial zone.  I believe infomercials pick this time of night because they know that anyone up and watching are probably folks who, at this time of night, are lacking good judgement.  And those commercials are compelling.  Filmed like a talk show, filled with testimonials, and the before and after picks...stunning.

So, there I was. In front of the TV, sucked into one of those programs.  It was like a trainwreck...I couldn't look away. When they got to the before and after pics, I was completely sold.  So much so, that I immediately planned a trip to the mall THE NEXT DAY to purchase said gadget at the AS SEEN ON TV store.  Who wants to wait for (or PAY) for shipping and handling when you can have instant gratification??

I bribed my kids with a promise of a visit to Happy Hour at Sonic and on the way decided to drive through a local neighborhood to have a look at a potential rental property. 

Here is where I ended up:

You know how they tell you that you can not tell the depth of a puddle from the surface, they are right.  Look at this unsuspecting puddle...

If I had my Nancy Drew detective wits about me, I would have seen that there are NO tire tracks coming out the other side of the puddle.  A clear indication that this unsuspecting body of water is like the Hotel California of roadside puddles. However, I did not have those facilities about me, I was more in a shop-a-holic tractor beam.  I was on a mission to get to the mall, with a few pitstops on the way.

It was a happy accident that my husband/hero had stayed in bed with a massive headache that day, thus he was home and although not feeling well, available to dig me out of the ditch.

After he assessed the situation, the process went like this: 

Lay out picnic blanket (that gratefully, I keep in the van), assign all children to gather rocks and gravel and pile it on the blanket.  Happily, with four children, many hands make light work.  =)

This was a very fun activity for our four year old who constantly asks to pick up rocks where ever we go.  There was great rejoicing on her part to find that she was allowed to pick up as many rocks as she wanted.  There was also some weeping and great sadness to find that she could not keep them, but that they were giving their life to get us out of the mud.

When the pile was large enough to make a difference but not heavy enough to strain any muscles, the blanket was picked up and the rocks were carefully poured into the abyss under the van with the prayer that they were going where they would be most useful (like under the tire!). 

There was a lot of "drive forward slowly, slowly..STOP!" and "Carefully, put it in reverse..go, go." "Turn your wheels the OTHER way!!" Lots of loving looks were exchanged between me and my hero.

Eventually (after about an hour of this tedious process), we were out of the ditch. It was minutes til happy hour ended, but now we were all in need of some refreshment (and perspective!) so I splurged and paid full price for slushes (and the very largest Strawberry Lime-Aid they could give me).  I also bought my hero a hot, delicious dinner from a well established burger joint before I headed on over to the mall.  Clearly, the drive into the ditch did not dissuade me or disconnect me from the shop-a-holic tractor beam.  (For your viewing pleasure: the 'just been muddin' look)

What was I after that was so compelling??!  If it works, I will post my own before and after pics. Stay tuned. 

***EDITED TO ADD~ This truly was written at the end of the summer, just before our lives went into a tailspin.  I am coming up for air now and hope to blog again more frequently.  The jury is still out on the above mentioned product. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poor Blog is feeling a bit neglected...

Blimey! I just climbed out from under my rock and realized I have not
updated this since Paris Hilton was in jail... You would not believe
how heavy that rock really is. Seriously!.

I am going ahead with an awfully big adventure, homeschooling five children, just generally
being not online in order to homeschool my kids, my day is filled with fluorescent
light from the moment my children manage to unlock my bedroom door and
use me as a jumping castle to well after sun-down. I am putting money
aside so I can run away. I need some perspective.

I won't promise anything to you but I will make more of an effort to blog more
often. Go with God, good friends. This is for my ever faithful, devoted

This silly post brought to you by
A fun multiple choice questionnaire. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

On Baby Books and Birth Certificates

My oldest son got an opportunity to apply for a summer job last week. This is an exciting development on many different levels. For one, he would be making his own spending money. Since joining the youth group, there are all kinds of social events and activities happening and every one of them costs money.

Since our money trees still haven't taken root and blossomed yet, it would be very beneficial for him to have his own budget for attending events or going out to eat with his friends. (Since he is going to read this eventually, I will give him props for effectively managing the little that flows through his hands now.)

Anywho...In order to get a job, you need to prove you were born. It's not enough to stand in front of them, employers are a picky lot, they want PROOF of your birth and AGE. And in a timely fashion. They operate on deadlines. Unfortunately, they don't accept stretch marks either. It's really too bad, because I easily have that covered.

So, although I had a list miles long of all the things I needed to do on Friday, I set it all aside to search for his Birth Certificate. I had to search you see because I don't have a home for important papers. I know right where to put the mail when it comes in everyday...but those papers you might need in an emergency are downright illusive.

While I couldn't find his Birth Certificate, or the ones for his siblings, I did find newpapers from the days they were born and other notable events through their lives. I found a slew of baby pictures of him...less of the others (my poor third son asked where were the pictures of him?).

Worse than the lack of baby pictures though was the baby books. I am a visionary person. A big starter and a poor finisher. The proof is in the baby books. I expected to come across an unfinished one while I went through boxes of 'stuff' from the kids baby years. I came across four. You'd think this was a good thing since I have four least I started on for each new baby. You'd be sadly mistaken. They were all for my first born. PLUS a pregnancy journal (only a couple entries...) and a wall calendar with notable days written in. The calendar has the most consistent entries. Maybe if I had concentrated on just one...

I wonder if Michelle Duggar has this problem??

Which got me to thinking about a money maker for me. A baby book/memento moms like me would actually finish. It's probably already been done...

And even with all that, my poor boy still has no certifiable proof he was born. I guess I'll be ordering them AND establishing a proper home for those pesky important papers.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Insert Witty Title here. Commence Reading Immediately.

There are only a few shows on TV that I watch with any consistency, so my exposure to commercials is limited, but there is one commercial that stands out in my mind right now. Maybe because I need coffee...but probably because I want to yell from my rooftop about finding your gifting and operating in it.

Do you know which commercial I'm talking about? It's a silly Dunkin' Donuts commercial where they are all yelling about their extreme love of coffee. =) Have you seen it? They also mention going to their website for free samples, but they are all already gone. Hrmph.

Never-the-less, it's a good picture of how I feel about the ministry of Proverbs 31. Lysa Terkeurst and her team do a phenomenal job encouraging moms in the ministry of balancing motherhood, marriage, and finding and operating in your gifts and calling. Specifically if you have a hankering to be a speaker or writer. The She Speaks conference is coming up and I just want to climb to the top of the house and holler about it. No painfully shy bones in THIS body.

In fact Lysa is giving a scholarship away to the conference to one very blessed blogger. Since I know God is ultimately in control of who the team decides on, I will be extremely happy for whomever they select.

But it never hurts to enter. Especially when I feel that God has a burning desire in me to share with and encourage women in the daily grind. I have always wondered what I would do when I 'grew up.' I have also heard that Life gets 'Fabulous at 40.' Perhaps both those together make for the perfect opportunity for me to attend this conference this summer.

I have found that I really enjoy teaching women about Personality Styles. Surprisingly, there are lots of gals (and guys) who are unfamiliar with the differences between specific personalities and how to relate to and communicate with others who are wired differently than they are. It is positively energizing to see faces light up with understanding when they have the A-HA moment that says, "So THAT'S why xyz happens when I do ABC."

It is rewarding to empower families with this new information because I know that it can transform the way they communicate with each other. It's no secret that satan is after families today. It's my opinion that learning about the different personality styles (and applying that knowledge!!) coupled with the parenting/marriage nuggets found in God's Word can deliver a one-two punch that will defeat satan's schemes. Really.

I have a passion in my heart to share this knowledge with others...I just need a launching pad. I believe She Speaks might be that pad. =) know, a story about alien abduction might get me noticed too...hmmm.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ultimate Blog Party '09~ Howdy

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Welcome to my little corner of the web. I love to have fun and a good party is one thing I simply can't pass up. The Ultimate Blog Party is a week long super fun bloggy hoedown that gives bloggers a chance to both get their blog noticed and meet other bloggers. I'm so excited to participate.

A little about me. I've been married to the love of my life for 15 years and I am mother to four great kids (three boys and a princess). I've been homeschooling them for 9 years and have used a good mix of different curricula over the years. The core of our learning has been Unit Study and delight directed, although the older they get, the more need I see for a little more structure. That could be a challenge...or it could be God's very sneaky way of boning me up in an area where I mostly resemble jelly.

I love dark chocolate, hot coffee, my sweet husband, Jesus Christ and really good books...not necessarily in that order. I am a bit of a resource girl and I can burn up the internet looking for the answer to what ever today's dilemma is. I was a better mom before I got a computer though as I am totally addicted to blogging, shopping, reading recipes, gathering information and often aimless surfing...usually a search gone wrong, probably started with good intentions. I am terribly disorganized and struggle with time and money management. Good thing is, I know that those are my weak spots, so I am not disappointed when I miss the mark. I am always trying to improve...if READING books on organization made you organized, I would have a Better Homes and Gardens model home!

I am generally positive and very outgoing. I like to have fun and laugh (and when I do, you'll hear it!). I like to play games, board games are the best. If there was a way to teach my kids using only board games, we'd be soooo there.... haven't found that yet, but there's still time.

I believed for a long time I was born for the stage (as in acting) but then I gave a talk/presentation on something I was already passionate and knowledgeable about and it was *AWESOME*. There were no lines to memorize, no blocking to think through, the words and thought were all mine and the feedback was tremendously positive and encouraging. So now, I want to grow up to be a public speaker, probably to moms...definitely women. I adore being in front of a's even better if I have something relevant to share. I have enjoyed sharing encouragement for homeschool moms with regard to Casting a Homeschooling Vision and also on Personality Styles. I hope to expand my speaking repertoire to include more subjects as I get more gigs. If you are looking for a fun presenter who is passionate about encouraging moms, I might be it...

I'm so glad you popped in. I really love meeting new people. If you'll leave me comment, I be sure to pop over to your blog and say hello back. Because we both know, we are in this for the comments. Comments=blogger crack.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Coupons, Schmoopons... and, what's that? Massive savings?

Hello bloggy friends,

My goodness it's been too long. After all my posting on the internet love of my new flock browser, my favorite feature being the easy blog clipboard, it has failed me. Yes, I have been unable to blog from flock. I have tried to figure it out, but it's no secret that technology and I are not really good friends. As a result, my poor blog has been neglected...and just as I was beginning to build momentum and see more than two hits a day! Ah well.

So I am back at the blogger platform because I am busting at the seams to share a huge, HUGE success story. No, the skinny fairy did not visit me...

But the Coupon Maven did. =D I have shared before about my abysmal failure with couponing. Anything that seems to require a level of discipline and organization eludes me. Maybe because I have spent my alloted quantity of brain cells in that area homeschooling for the past 9 years. (and with many more to go, I need to use those cells wisely!)

Even though organizing or crafting a system from the ground up seems frightening and overwhelming, if you show me a system (again, only in baby steps, please) I can run with it. I am very good at taking directions!! Once I am comfortable with an idea/system, I do not mind making it my own and tweaking a bit, it's just the pulling it together part that is too much for me.

About a year ago, I saw a blog button for a site called "the Grocery Game." Whaat? Grocery shopping, a game? I despise grocery shopping, unless there are lots of free samples through out the store and I do not have to think about the money being spent just ending up in the toilet (get what I mean?) I love games and so I was intrigued. What I don't love are complicated rules and directions. Although I read the rules before playing a new game (what, doesn't everyone??!), I like to 'get it' the first time through. If I have to keep referring to them to understand what happens next, it's going to e-bay friends. That's how I felt about that particular site. I gleaned some useful information and got some new ideas, but overall, the directions seemed to complex and the buying window to maximize savings way too short.

I was not a lost cause though, because the main idea that stuck with me was 'need shopping versus building a stockpile.' My curiousity had me reading blogs and finding out more over the last year. I've just been mariniating my brain in the how-to part a little at a time...those baby steps are really important.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I took a coupon class at a local church on how to maximize your savings shopping the sales and using coupons. Many of the same ideas I had been introduced to before were presented and this time I decided to really explore further on the web and in the blogosphere the great big beautiful world of coupons shopping.

Oh my bloggy friends, couponing is rockin and rollin the blog world. I found some fabulous resources, some recommended at the class, others on my own. It is worth exploring!

Some basic principles to make coupons work hardest for you are to wait until an item is at it's best sale price and THEN use your coupon(s) to get it even lower, in many cases *FREE*!! As inspirational as free sounds, it would be too much work if *I* had to scan the sales papers to find the sales and them match the coupons, but Jenny at Southern Savers does it for me! Another great resource for learning to work the drugstores to get almost all your personal care items free is Claire at ChoysterCash. She is running a ten week e-course right now on how to do just that! It's not too late to toothpaste, people!! A couple other favorites are & MoneySavingMom. Any of these have links to lots more resources (it can be overwhelming, go slow).

So here's my bottom line. After the class, I was truly inspired. It was like a late night infomercial where the gal waves a mile long register tape and says, "I got $250 worth of groceries for $8.00!!" Only, these gals were right in front of me and had three tables loaded with stuff they got for free or pennies on the dollar.

I clipped, I printed (internet printable coupons)I went to e-bay and bought some coupons (you have to have coupons to start!). I sorted and organized. (I almost fell off the wagon at this step. Organization is so paralyzing to me. Perhaps I need professional help.) I made my list and checked it twice. I was very worked up about the whole experience by this time. I have a lot of time and effort invested, what if I didn't so something right? What if I don't have enough coupons? What if it doesn't really work?

On the way out the door, my 14 year old, noting my frayed condition, said, "You're nervous?! About coupons??!

Bloggy friends, gather round. I can tell you, couponing this way does work. If I can do it, anyone can.

My total savings for the night was a whopping $114!!! That's right, 40% of my total bill was wiped out using coupons on my first time out!!

Cue, "I'm a Believer" music now. I understand the game now. And the high of winning. Now I want to beat my best score. Which, incidentally helps me relate to my boys and thier love of all things competitive. Who knew couponing would make me a better mom?

I'm completely sold. So sold that last Sunday, I gathered the children around the dining room table for what will become the weekly ritual of clipping sorting and filing. If you're not planning to use your coupons, send 'em on to me. I'll play for both of us.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wouldn't THIS make a dandy Valentine's Day gift?

Isn't Twitter just wonderful? I have found marvelous articles, resources, giveaways, blogs, and general encouragement just from my twitter stream. Many times, from gals I don't even know and will probably never meet this side of heaven.

Valentine's day around here is looking pretty low-key because it falls before the next pay-day and I didn't think to budget any extra to cover a night out. But because of my twitter friends I just found out about this contest which I had to both tell you about and enter for myself. If I won, it would make for a great rest of the year. If you won, I won't lie...I'd be a little jealous, but happy I could be a part of letting you know.

Bid my Cleaning is an online maid service provider/contractor that can provide you with a variety of cleaning services including window cleaning, maid services, even eco-friendly cleaning! They are giving a away ONE YEAR's worth of cleaning services! What mom couldn't use that??!

My home is generally straight but to have someone else come in and really deep clean would be so wonderful. I just don't get around to that very often...*ahem* What with the four kids and homeschooling and all the running we seem to be doing. Plus, I just don't really LIKE to clean when I do have some free time (if you do, come right over and I'll give you a job or two. LOL).

I clicked through their site and it's very intuitive and easy to use. Just enter your zipcode and what kind of cleaning services you are looking for and it matches you with a local provider and gives you some quotes. Even if I don't win, it looks like an easy site to use if ever I needed to find services of this nature. Have a look and if you have time, enter for yourself. What have you got to lose?? =)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

We live in east Tennessee.  We used to live in Florida.  My children's entire memory bank is full of hot, muggy Florida weather.  Prior to moving here, our definition of cold was below 70*.  Today was an unexpected surprise, snow.  For the second time since we've been here, it was snow that 'stuck.'  It only really stuck for a few hours, but it was enough to play in and be excited about.


This is in front of the neighbors house because they have great grass and it was sticking so well.  Our yard was rather spotty.


Can you see the ice crystals? (snow!)

It was also enough to keep me from running to the grocery store.  Just in time for Jo-Lynne's carnival, I learned that necessity is the mother of invention. You see, those silly kids went out and played hard in that snow, and then came in and wanted dinner!  I had been busy documenting the momentous occasion, so I have not been to the store and supplies are at an all time low.

After pilfering in the pantry, I came up with the ingredients for Tuna Casserole and decided against it.  Instead, I thought I would be creative.  It was such a hit, I am sharing it with the bloggy universe.


Mexican Chicken and Rice (or what ever you want to name it)

You will need:

A couple chicken breasts (I used 2 because that's what I had.  Use more if you'd like.)
Packet of Taco Seasonings
2 cups of rice (uncooked)
1 can of rotel type tomatoes and green chilis, drained
1 can black beans, drained
Corn (I used frozen, canned would work too)

Preheat oven to 350*

Cook your rice with about half the seasoning packet of taco seasoning stirred into the water.  I also used a couple tablespoons butter for a richer flavor.

While rice is cooking, brown chicken breasts.  I sprinked mine with more taco seasonings and threw them on my George Foreman countertop grill.  When chicken is browned, cut into cubes/chunks.

Rice and chicken done?  Okay...

In a 13X9 dish, layer rice, chicken, some tomatoes, beans, corn, cheese. Then layer a second time sprinkling remaining taco packet lightly over top of dish.  Heat at 350* for 15-20 minutes until heated through and cheese is melty.

Top with sour cream and enjoy!

I learned to live a little in the kitchen this week?  You?  =)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fitting Room Phobia

**This is a re-post from my archive/old blog**

Feeling the need for some groovy new summer duds, I decided to go out and pick out a few new tops. I was on a mission though as I wanted something special to match hubby. Yeah, I know...we are one of those creepy couples that actually LIKE to dress alike...or at least in colors/shirts that are complementary.

We were that couple in college that had matching shirts and wore the same colors...all. the. time. LOL A few babies later and my clothes don't really fit and well, my fashion tastes (and his) have changed somewhat. But, occasionally we still like to indulge in that fun fashion statement that says, very definitively, we are a couple...of fashionistas.

So, back to my mission. I have heard so many great things about TARGET and their flair for fashion. And lucky for us, we just got a bright shiny new Target here in our little corner of the world. So with no children in tow, I headed off to find just the right top to match my Target.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed in my choices, maybe because we are a small town, maybe because everyone else in town had the same idea and they were cleaned out. Never-the-less, I was on a QUEST. I needed to find a shirt. It was for a date night...and we don't get to many of those. Time was short, so I found a couple shirts and headed to the fitting room.

Checked in at the desk, got my little tag and headed around the corner. Safe in my little mirrored room, I started changing. I am used to overhearing conversations in the fitting room. You know, us gals like to do things like use the potty and shop in pairs. But when I am stripped down to my skivvies, the voices I hear in the room next to mine should definitely be of the female persuasion!!

Immediately, I rewind to the signage in my mind...did I go the wrong way? Am I on the wrong side? Did she point me in the wrong direction? Is that a man's voice?! I am not a quick dresser, more of a prissy preener, but I set a world record in those moments. I would have made my mother proud. How many mornings did she complain about my lack of speed? But I digress...

I whipped open the flimsy fitting room door to see the backside of a male form leaving the fitting area. Now I don't know about you, but that is NOT what I want to see when I am trying on clothes. I hurried out behind him, anxious to ask the woman at the desk which one of us was in the wrong area.

Her answer, "This is a uni-sex fitting room. Anyone can try things on back there."

We've come a long way, baby. I gave her back my selections and left in a daze. While I can state with some certainly that I will not be purchasing (or at least trying on) clothes there, I have to wonder is this the direction all places are headed? What would make them choose to go this route. Are there that many folks confused about their gender that we need to make it easy for them and hard on the rest of us? Or am I just a prude? Would it have shaken YOU up to hear a man on the other side of your wall?


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There may still be hope for the technologically challenged...

Musings of a Housewife
is hosting a bloggy carnival this week that I just had to join. What I've learned this week. Because I have something of value to share with you all.

I am hopelessy technologically inept. In addition, I am somewhat resistant to change. So although I heard about the FLOCK browser, I was already happy with my personalized Firefox browser. Remember, the technology learning curve is, for me, pretty steep. So learning about Firefox additions and extensions and finding and adding what I liked, bookmarking my special hangouts on the web and setting up my iGoogle page took a LOT of work. When somethings not broke, why fix it?

My husband installed the FLOCK browser on his computer and urged me to look at it. "I think you'll like it." He knows me so well. But I was resistant.

At a friends house the other night though, we were having what was supposed to be a scrapping get-together, but since I don't scrap, I brought my laptop and we had a wireless Facebook signup party instead. It was way fun. I noticed my girlfriend had the FLOCK browser on her computer so I asked her about it. After she showed me some of the features, I decided to download it.

Oh friends, what this browser can do!! All the social networks I am a part of are aggregated right in my people bar. That's right. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg (which I joined, but never really fully used) and more, all accessible, all at the same time. Media streams are integrated as well. Flicker, YouTube, Picasa, Photbucket all searchable from a little button always available on your toolbar. All my feeds, both blogs I MUST read and my favorite RSS news feeds are instantly available in the MY WORLD tab.

Have a look at the social capabilities.

Getting Social with the Flock 1.2 Browser:

Blogging with Blogger can be such a chore in the blogger editor, especially trying o place/embed media. With FLOCK, it is SOOO easy. I LOVE the clipboard and drag and drop feature.

Blogging with the Flock 1.2 Browser:

But wait! There's MORE!! Do I sound like a late night infomercial? A very cool feature to me is that FLOCK is built on the Firefox platform, so all those apps and extensions that I had been using previously that I so didn't want to part with? They can all by used with FLOCK too!!

Are you ready? Wondering if it will work for you? Here's how to get started. Have a look. I have a feeling you will see the potential right away.

Getting Started with the Flock Browser:

Let me know if you decided to give it a try. The more I use it, the better I like it. That's sayin something for the technologically challenged gal that I am. =)

Blogged with the Flock Browser

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Phyllis Needs...

Looking for a silly activity to pass the time and give you a good giggle?  Google seems to have all the answers.  While poking around the internet, I found this goofy activity.  Plug in your first name and then the word 'needs.'  Since I share my first name with a prominent character on a soap opera, my results were somewhat skewed by the actions of said character.  Still, it was a fun activity  (and that silly girl has some serious issues.) (also of note: there are a lot of soap opera discussion boards online!) 

Here is what google listed as my top ten needs.

Phyllis forgive already.  Evidently, I hold a grudge for a very long time.

Phyllis cut the apron strings. Seems that google knows that **maybe** I am not willing to let my boys grow up.  I have threatened to make them walk around with bricks on their heads and to arrange their marriages.  To no avail...

Phyllis needs...a hug.  Awww.  Doesn't everyone?

Phyllis make up her mind.  I didn't know I was so undecisive.  Or maybe I did, then again...Hmmm, I bet my husband could chime in on this.  Honey?

Phyllis needs...a new maid.  This is the first one that I completely agree with.  Not because we are dirty people (if you dropped by today, shh), but just because I really hate to 'deep clean.'  I can manage to keep things moderately straight (sometimes),  but that whole elbow grease thing...yeah, not so much.

Phyllis stop talking about the election.  This will be difficult to do since America just voted in someone whose policies, stances and administration I disagree with on so *many* different levels.

Phyllis needs...some Psychology 101 courses.  This made me laugh out loud.  Psych was my major in college and I TOOK Psych 101.  More than once *ahem*.

Phyllis  This could be interpreted so MANY different ways.  I'm going to go with the most obvious need for me, laundry and dishes help.  If someone wants to take those daily monotonous jobs off my plate, I'd be ever so grateful.

Phyllis needs...more hours in my day!  Amen to that.  Of course, I could just turn off the computer and do a better job with the hours I already have.

Phyllis needs...a lifestyle that allows her to be spontaneous.  LOL  That is actually pretty true.  Anything that even remotely suggests rules, boundaries, schedules, budgets...Any of the above seem entirely too restrictive to me.  If I had been born in a different era, I could easily have been a free-spirited hippie.

What do YOU need?  Try it out for yourself and leave me a comment.  I'll pop over and we can laugh together, cause I guarantee this will be fun.  I started plugging in my sisters names, my husbands, my parents, friends, etc...

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Ugly Mug Contest

Well, voting closes at midnight and I had other things to get to today like, oh feed the family and take a shower, and I did not pre-schedule this post because I love the last minute pressure. It's exhilarating to squeeze in just before a deadline...just ask my college professors or my homeschool co-op leaders or just about anyone who know me well. So, although I am at a disadvantage, I had to enter because I can't imagine anyone else is drinking from as ugly a mug as mine. And if they are, they are not brave enough to take theirs out in PUBLIC!

Yes, it's true.

A little back story. When I first read of this special contest I was discouraged. Having recently relocated, I purged our cabinets and blessed the local thrift stores with all manner of accumulated household junk. To open my cabinets today, you would see all kinds of pretty cups and mugs, mostly matching. You can see how I would be at a disadvantage.

Yet, this morning, while perusing my blog reader waiting for the children to finish the chores so we could begin our school day, I thought again about this contest when I saw Linda's post. (BTW~This contest represents her 1000th entry!) As I brought my coffee to my lips, my despair vanished. Because THIS is what I have my coffee in...every single day.

This used to have the name of the coffee shop in FL I would frequent (boy howdy do I miss them), but over time and a few hundred runs through the dishwasher, it has worn off.

You know how they recommend that these kind of mugs not go through a dishwasher? They aren't kidding! The paint is peeling and the name is pretty much gone, but I like to sip my coffee over time and an insulated mug is the only thing that keeps it hot enough for me to enjoy all morning. I love the light pink color and the curvy shape, but I guess it may be time to purchase a new one, eh? Here it is in better days.

On the upside, it's very easy to find if I set it down while I am out somewhere. There's really no mistaking the description...Pink/Stainless steel/peeling paint.

Won't you consider voting for me? You know, that Starbucks card would be just the thing to get me a new pretty mug to have my morning joe in.

**T0 place your vote, go here and leave her a comment saying that you liked mine the best.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Children & Proverbs

A first grade teacher collected well known proverbs. She gave each child
in her class the first half of a proverb and asked them to come up with
the remainder of the proverb. Their insight may surprise you.

Better to be safe than....................Punch a 5th grader

Strike while the .........................Bug is close

It's always darkest before............... Daylight Savings Time

Never underestimate the power of..........Termites

You can lead a horse to water

Don't bite the hand that................. looks dirty

No news is................................impossible

A miss is as good as a...................Mr.

You can't teach an old dog new............math

If you lie down with dogs, you'll.........stink in the morning

Love all,

The pen is mightier than the..............pigs

An idle mind is..........................The best way to relax

Where there's smoke there's...............pollution

Happy the bride who.......................gets all the presents

A penny saved is..........................not much

Two's company, three's....................the Musketeers

Don't put off till tomorrow put on to go to bed

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry have to blow your nose.

None are so blind as......................Stevie Wonder

Children should be seen and not...........spanked or grounded

If at first you don't succeed.............get new batteries

You get out of something what you.........see pictured on the box

When the blind leadeth the blind..........get out of the way

And the favorite:

Better late than.........................pregnant.

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