Monday, January 26, 2009

Ugly Mug Contest

Well, voting closes at midnight and I had other things to get to today like, oh feed the family and take a shower, and I did not pre-schedule this post because I love the last minute pressure. It's exhilarating to squeeze in just before a deadline...just ask my college professors or my homeschool co-op leaders or just about anyone who know me well. So, although I am at a disadvantage, I had to enter because I can't imagine anyone else is drinking from as ugly a mug as mine. And if they are, they are not brave enough to take theirs out in PUBLIC!

Yes, it's true.

A little back story. When I first read of this special contest I was discouraged. Having recently relocated, I purged our cabinets and blessed the local thrift stores with all manner of accumulated household junk. To open my cabinets today, you would see all kinds of pretty cups and mugs, mostly matching. You can see how I would be at a disadvantage.

Yet, this morning, while perusing my blog reader waiting for the children to finish the chores so we could begin our school day, I thought again about this contest when I saw Linda's post. (BTW~This contest represents her 1000th entry!) As I brought my coffee to my lips, my despair vanished. Because THIS is what I have my coffee in...every single day.

This used to have the name of the coffee shop in FL I would frequent (boy howdy do I miss them), but over time and a few hundred runs through the dishwasher, it has worn off.

You know how they recommend that these kind of mugs not go through a dishwasher? They aren't kidding! The paint is peeling and the name is pretty much gone, but I like to sip my coffee over time and an insulated mug is the only thing that keeps it hot enough for me to enjoy all morning. I love the light pink color and the curvy shape, but I guess it may be time to purchase a new one, eh? Here it is in better days.

On the upside, it's very easy to find if I set it down while I am out somewhere. There's really no mistaking the description...Pink/Stainless steel/peeling paint.

Won't you consider voting for me? You know, that Starbucks card would be just the thing to get me a new pretty mug to have my morning joe in.

**T0 place your vote, go here and leave her a comment saying that you liked mine the best.

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Eric Wilbanks said...

Kind of looks like a Silver Lady with a pink bikini. Very hot.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

First of all, of course a guy would see this mug as a female body. Of course. Secondly, I'm glad to meet another blogger who says, "boy howdy." I took some ridicule for that one once. Thirdly, that mug is definitely a contender. Better late than never! Thanks for playing along!

Phyllis@Aimless Conversation said...


What can I say...that's they guy I married and I don't wear binkini's so he's got to use his imagination.

Becky said...

Love the colors on your blog. Brown and pink is awesome. Your mug looks well loved. Must be all that great coffee it has seen over the years.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

What a funny contest! I wish I had known about this before!