Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Phyllis Needs...

Looking for a silly activity to pass the time and give you a good giggle?  Google seems to have all the answers.  While poking around the internet, I found this goofy activity.  Plug in your first name and then the word 'needs.'  Since I share my first name with a prominent character on a soap opera, my results were somewhat skewed by the actions of said character.  Still, it was a fun activity  (and that silly girl has some serious issues.) (also of note: there are a lot of soap opera discussion boards online!) 

Here is what google listed as my top ten needs.

Phyllis needs...to forgive already.  Evidently, I hold a grudge for a very long time.

Phyllis needs...to cut the apron strings. Seems that google knows that **maybe** I am not willing to let my boys grow up.  I have threatened to make them walk around with bricks on their heads and to arrange their marriages.  To no avail...

Phyllis needs...a hug.  Awww.  Doesn't everyone?

Phyllis needs...to make up her mind.  I didn't know I was so undecisive.  Or maybe I did, then again...Hmmm, I bet my husband could chime in on this.  Honey?

Phyllis needs...a new maid.  This is the first one that I completely agree with.  Not because we are dirty people (if you dropped by today, shh), but just because I really hate to 'deep clean.'  I can manage to keep things moderately straight (sometimes),  but that whole elbow grease thing...yeah, not so much.

Phyllis needs...to stop talking about the election.  This will be difficult to do since America just voted in someone whose policies, stances and administration I disagree with on so *many* different levels.

Phyllis needs...some Psychology 101 courses.  This made me laugh out loud.  Psych was my major in college and I TOOK Psych 101.  More than once *ahem*.

Phyllis needs...help.  This could be interpreted so MANY different ways.  I'm going to go with the most obvious need for me, laundry and dishes help.  If someone wants to take those daily monotonous jobs off my plate, I'd be ever so grateful.

Phyllis needs...more hours in my day!  Amen to that.  Of course, I could just turn off the computer and do a better job with the hours I already have.

Phyllis needs...a lifestyle that allows her to be spontaneous.  LOL  That is actually pretty true.  Anything that even remotely suggests rules, boundaries, schedules, budgets...Any of the above seem entirely too restrictive to me.  If I had been born in a different era, I could easily have been a free-spirited hippie.

What do YOU need?  Try it out for yourself and leave me a comment.  I'll pop over and we can laugh together, cause I guarantee this will be fun.  I started plugging in my sisters names, my husbands, my parents, friends, etc...

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Michelle said...

Ok...that was cute! Here is mine:

Lauren said...

Ok,that was super cute! I tried it and came up with some pretty wacky answers - come and see for yourself! Strawberriesncreamonline.com

Anonymous said...

That was weird~ my name is Phyllis too and I agreed with everything you said! I am (or was)a homeschooling mom and I had three boys (now grown). Just getting used to the empty nest. Like your blog!