Friday, January 30, 2009

Fitting Room Phobia

**This is a re-post from my archive/old blog**

Feeling the need for some groovy new summer duds, I decided to go out and pick out a few new tops. I was on a mission though as I wanted something special to match hubby. Yeah, I know...we are one of those creepy couples that actually LIKE to dress alike...or at least in colors/shirts that are complementary.

We were that couple in college that had matching shirts and wore the same colors...all. the. time. LOL A few babies later and my clothes don't really fit and well, my fashion tastes (and his) have changed somewhat. But, occasionally we still like to indulge in that fun fashion statement that says, very definitively, we are a couple...of fashionistas.

So, back to my mission. I have heard so many great things about TARGET and their flair for fashion. And lucky for us, we just got a bright shiny new Target here in our little corner of the world. So with no children in tow, I headed off to find just the right top to match my Target.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed in my choices, maybe because we are a small town, maybe because everyone else in town had the same idea and they were cleaned out. Never-the-less, I was on a QUEST. I needed to find a shirt. It was for a date night...and we don't get to many of those. Time was short, so I found a couple shirts and headed to the fitting room.

Checked in at the desk, got my little tag and headed around the corner. Safe in my little mirrored room, I started changing. I am used to overhearing conversations in the fitting room. You know, us gals like to do things like use the potty and shop in pairs. But when I am stripped down to my skivvies, the voices I hear in the room next to mine should definitely be of the female persuasion!!

Immediately, I rewind to the signage in my mind...did I go the wrong way? Am I on the wrong side? Did she point me in the wrong direction? Is that a man's voice?! I am not a quick dresser, more of a prissy preener, but I set a world record in those moments. I would have made my mother proud. How many mornings did she complain about my lack of speed? But I digress...

I whipped open the flimsy fitting room door to see the backside of a male form leaving the fitting area. Now I don't know about you, but that is NOT what I want to see when I am trying on clothes. I hurried out behind him, anxious to ask the woman at the desk which one of us was in the wrong area.

Her answer, "This is a uni-sex fitting room. Anyone can try things on back there."

We've come a long way, baby. I gave her back my selections and left in a daze. While I can state with some certainly that I will not be purchasing (or at least trying on) clothes there, I have to wonder is this the direction all places are headed? What would make them choose to go this route. Are there that many folks confused about their gender that we need to make it easy for them and hard on the rest of us? Or am I just a prude? Would it have shaken YOU up to hear a man on the other side of your wall?



2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'll tell you when this really bothers me: when my DAUGHTER is in one of those rooms. I hate it. she's uncomfortable, I'm uncomfortable, no one wants to see or be seen, etc. Old Navy is the culprit here.