Monday, February 2, 2009

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

We live in east Tennessee.  We used to live in Florida.  My children's entire memory bank is full of hot, muggy Florida weather.  Prior to moving here, our definition of cold was below 70*.  Today was an unexpected surprise, snow.  For the second time since we've been here, it was snow that 'stuck.'  It only really stuck for a few hours, but it was enough to play in and be excited about.


This is in front of the neighbors house because they have great grass and it was sticking so well.  Our yard was rather spotty.


Can you see the ice crystals? (snow!)

It was also enough to keep me from running to the grocery store.  Just in time for Jo-Lynne's carnival, I learned that necessity is the mother of invention. You see, those silly kids went out and played hard in that snow, and then came in and wanted dinner!  I had been busy documenting the momentous occasion, so I have not been to the store and supplies are at an all time low.

After pilfering in the pantry, I came up with the ingredients for Tuna Casserole and decided against it.  Instead, I thought I would be creative.  It was such a hit, I am sharing it with the bloggy universe.


Mexican Chicken and Rice (or what ever you want to name it)

You will need:

A couple chicken breasts (I used 2 because that's what I had.  Use more if you'd like.)
Packet of Taco Seasonings
2 cups of rice (uncooked)
1 can of rotel type tomatoes and green chilis, drained
1 can black beans, drained
Corn (I used frozen, canned would work too)

Preheat oven to 350*

Cook your rice with about half the seasoning packet of taco seasoning stirred into the water.  I also used a couple tablespoons butter for a richer flavor.

While rice is cooking, brown chicken breasts.  I sprinked mine with more taco seasonings and threw them on my George Foreman countertop grill.  When chicken is browned, cut into cubes/chunks.

Rice and chicken done?  Okay...

In a 13X9 dish, layer rice, chicken, some tomatoes, beans, corn, cheese. Then layer a second time sprinkling remaining taco packet lightly over top of dish.  Heat at 350* for 15-20 minutes until heated through and cheese is melty.

Top with sour cream and enjoy!

I learned to live a little in the kitchen this week?  You?  =)


Jennifer said...

The recipe sounds wonderful!

Congratulations on the snow...we never get much in my part of Arkansas.

Happy Tuesday!

Windy said...

Sounds great! Will have to try it and the directions are so easy to follow:)
PS Jealous of your snow - I live in SC and we haven't had any thing at all this year. My kids are wishing!

nicole said...

That sounds pretty yummy. Way to go putting something together on your own. I'm hopeless at those kinds of things.

Musings of a Housewife said...

That sounds FAB! Thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

Ok, so I never TOUCHED the snow. I should have, but I was in classes most of the day and walking outside the rest. I was so cold walking that all I thought about was getting inside!!! That may have been the last snow that I will see in a while. :( :(

Kellie said...

Being a military family we have moved a lot. Several weeks before moving we "Eat down." Meaning we try to eat everything in our cupboard to minimize on throwing stuff away.

I am ALWAYS amazed at how creative I am with meal planning, and how many meals I can make when their is "nothing" to eat in the cupboards!

Your casserole sounds delish!

BeFri said...

Wow! Sounds good! thanks for sharing! I know what you mean - under 70, that's cold to me too being a native of sunny southern California. I have never actually seen snow falling in real life. I am going to try your recipe, I think my hubby will like it.

Karen said...

I'm forever "creating" recipes because I am not a terrific planner. lol This sounds delish - I'm writing it down and going to try it!

And thanks so much for the words of encouragment on my blog - I didn't have your email address to reply now the whole bloggy universe knows that you are an encourager. :)

Renae said...

Anything with Rotel is good! :D Thanks for sharing.