Monday, August 4, 2008

Six Quirky Things

Let me just say, the Heart of the Matter Conference was just sensational. But, after five days of workshops (yes, five.whole.days.) I am on information overload. Add to that the PMS factor, and you've got one very frayed woman.

So, instead of posting about all the terrific things I learned or scriptures that encouraged me (those are coming my friends, soon) I decided to play along with my friend Dianne (who was also at the cyber-conference and now knows my deep seated need for attention...perhaps my first quirky thing?) and post Six Quirky Things about me. It's a lighter, less serious way to make sure I put up a new post for my one groupie and a few others who pop by now and again.

In no particular order...

  • I am addicted (like, I may need an intervention addicted) to the card games on my cell phone. This is perhaps a direct result of the fact that poker cards were not allowed in my home as a child. I'm not kidding. I think I know now why they [cards] are sinful.
  • I absolutely loathe and detest morning. I firmly believe that mornings would be better if they started around here they do. Please don't call before 9 am. Seriously.
  • I am a 'frugal failure.' I have tried and failed multiple times to clip coupons and save money. I have joined coupon clubs, the grocery game, buyer clubs, etc. The know-how just eludes me. I have been reading frugal/couponing blogs lately, perhaps with some handholding and step-by-step instructions, I'll actually 'get it' someday. Whose blogs do you read? Where do you find your best tips?
  • I am a direct sales junky. I love parties and meeting new people and shopping. Direct sales makes all this possible in just one night!! I have currently become intrigued with health and wellness and I think I represent the best company for meeting new people, having fun and making money while helping people feel better and make money too. And it's CHOCOLATE....Healthy Chocolate. I'll bet you didn't think those two words could happen in the same sentence...neither did I. Drop me a note if you'd like more information. =)
  • I love make-up. Sometimes, when I am positively down and out, a few minutes in the make-up aisle looking at all the pretty new colors makes me feel happier. It's even better if I can come home with some new nail polish or some other sparkly. =)
  • I desperately desire to be organized. I am such a resource gal that if you come to me with questions about how to better organize your life/kitchen/children's chores/laundry room/meals/homeschool I will rattle off suggestions like nobody's business. I read books on this stuff like they may not be here tomorrow...heck, I consume books on this subject...yet...there are no systems/routines/organization/plans/standards around here. What is the disconnect?!
Just so you know, I do not, nor do I pretend to have it all together. Be comforted my friends. It's just after two in the afternoon here and I am curled up in my favorite cotton PJ's blogging from my bed. It's good to be me. Even when PMSing.