Friday, March 27, 2009

Insert Witty Title here. Commence Reading Immediately.

There are only a few shows on TV that I watch with any consistency, so my exposure to commercials is limited, but there is one commercial that stands out in my mind right now. Maybe because I need coffee...but probably because I want to yell from my rooftop about finding your gifting and operating in it.

Do you know which commercial I'm talking about? It's a silly Dunkin' Donuts commercial where they are all yelling about their extreme love of coffee. =) Have you seen it? They also mention going to their website for free samples, but they are all already gone. Hrmph.

Never-the-less, it's a good picture of how I feel about the ministry of Proverbs 31. Lysa Terkeurst and her team do a phenomenal job encouraging moms in the ministry of balancing motherhood, marriage, and finding and operating in your gifts and calling. Specifically if you have a hankering to be a speaker or writer. The She Speaks conference is coming up and I just want to climb to the top of the house and holler about it. No painfully shy bones in THIS body.

In fact Lysa is giving a scholarship away to the conference to one very blessed blogger. Since I know God is ultimately in control of who the team decides on, I will be extremely happy for whomever they select.

But it never hurts to enter. Especially when I feel that God has a burning desire in me to share with and encourage women in the daily grind. I have always wondered what I would do when I 'grew up.' I have also heard that Life gets 'Fabulous at 40.' Perhaps both those together make for the perfect opportunity for me to attend this conference this summer.

I have found that I really enjoy teaching women about Personality Styles. Surprisingly, there are lots of gals (and guys) who are unfamiliar with the differences between specific personalities and how to relate to and communicate with others who are wired differently than they are. It is positively energizing to see faces light up with understanding when they have the A-HA moment that says, "So THAT'S why xyz happens when I do ABC."

It is rewarding to empower families with this new information because I know that it can transform the way they communicate with each other. It's no secret that satan is after families today. It's my opinion that learning about the different personality styles (and applying that knowledge!!) coupled with the parenting/marriage nuggets found in God's Word can deliver a one-two punch that will defeat satan's schemes. Really.

I have a passion in my heart to share this knowledge with others...I just need a launching pad. I believe She Speaks might be that pad. =) know, a story about alien abduction might get me noticed too...hmmm.


Karen said...

Phyllis...I love Personality Styles too! :) It's amazing how much you can learn from them. :) I've read your blog for some time now - and I'm so glad I'm not one of those judges...because I don't envy them in their choosing. :) Best wishes to you - a great post! :)

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Oh, if you came into our house and told us all about our personality types, you would be here for days! We are all so different in the Hester House! You are right, satan is after our families, and in a big way too! I pray that God finds the right place for you and your calling! And I would hardly call the conversations here aimless. More like aimed to hit the mark!
Best wishes and lots of love to your household!

Munchkins and Music said...

Thanks for stopping by during the blog party! I am so greatful for my family and glad that God is there for everyone.

Lindsey @ A New Life said...

Praying for your dream and wishing you luck in the contest!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Hi Phyllis!

5MinutesForMom contacted me regarding your prize. I sent an email several days ago, but did not receive a reply, so I am leaving a comment here!

L. Diane Wolfe