Saturday, January 11, 2014

GOAL~ Get healthy in 2014. Will you join me??

Dear friends,

I hope this finds you well. Happy New Year!! I am writing to invite you to join me on a life-changing adventure...

At the start of a new year, there are always well-intentioned resolutions and promises...that sadly, often don't get met or ever achieved. I've been guilty of that many times over. New year or not, I say I want to lose weight and get healthy (or sometimes I slip up and say "skinny"), but fall off the wagon and never stick with it...or stick to it for a time, but eventually find myself back in my old habits and have gained what I lost back and then some.

For me personally, and for most people (especially with regard to many high and lofty weight loss), it boils down to accountability, mutual support and finding a real, deep "want to." Superficial reasons for weight loss yield shallow results. 

Until I picked up Lysa Terkeurst's book, Made to Crave, I had never stopped to consider that this could be a spiritual battle. And when I first picked it up, I read the intro and decided NOT to read anymore because I KNEW this would really rock my world and I wasn't ready to have my relationship with food challenged. 

Well, I'm ready now... The ministry that Lysa leads hosts Online Bible Studies via their website and blog...and utilizes a whole bevy of other social media tools to really build community and provide accountability in a unique, flexible way. You can meet the very personable team leading this study via youtube HERE. Aren't they precious? AND so real??! 

They are starting Made To Crave on January 19 and I have signed up. I am sending this to you because at sometime in our friendship, you and I have talked about diet and exercise. Although 30,000 women have already signed up for this study, it's always more personal when you do study like this with friends and people you know. Learn more and sign up HERE.

Although I am terribly excited about this study, perhaps you aren't interested, or just don't feel you have the time...but you are committed to healthier choices for 2014.
Alternatively, I have an account on and if you are using it to track your fitness goals (counting calories, tracking exercise, sharing recipe ideas), I'd like to be your friend there so that we can cheer each other on. =) (I'm chocolatejunky) 
You can do one or both of these...or none. I didn't invite you to imply anything...rather, I am very aware of my own need for support on difficult journeys and I know you will be a wonderful and supportive cheerleader. Let me know if you are joining me!
I am hopeful and excited about 2014 and looking forward to having you join me on this journey towards a more healthy and God centered lifestyle.