Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year full of Promise

It's a new year. I remember in elementary school playing some silly game (MASH, remember it?) that determined who you would marry, where you would live, how many kids, what kind of car, etc. I also remember thinking how utterly OLD I would be when the 2000's rolled around. Funny how that perspective changes, isn't it?

Now, while I am not as decrepit as my elementary self thought I might be, I have come to accept the fact the I am 'middle aged.' With that comes the realization that I cannot continue to consume crummy foods and not reap some kind of consequences. My metabolism has slowed down. Sometimes, I am that old lady on the couch whose joints actually creak when I get up! My husband has jumped on the healthy eating bandwagon and has begun reading a ton of books that are challenging, mind bending, and even (sometimes) convicting. I have joined Weight Watchers with the hope of shedding a few pounds. I got exercise equipment for Christmas (can you call a weighted hula hoop exercise 'equipment??') that I have been faithfully using almost every day. Okay, I had to take a few days off because those weighted hoops...they leave bruises!

You know what else needs to be fed good food on a constant basis? Our spirit man. Mine is starving. I have not been as consistent with daily Bible reading or memorization as I know I should be. I also know that accountability in areas of commitment are a requirement for a person like me, so I have joined the Scripture Memory Team at Living Proof blog. Almost 9000 women are committed to memorizing 24 scripture verses this year! You can join too, if you start before the 15th of this month... Click HERE to join!

I've also joined the community over at and enabled a mobile version of the Bible so I always have it with me. There are a ton of fantastic tools there to explore the Bible...devotionals, reading plans, etc. It's a very cool site and I'm looking forward to feeding my inner man a better diet of encouraging words this year with the help of technology. =)

So, happy new year! Hope you have a year filled with great new promises and adventures too!


Damsel said...

What a pretty blog!! I hope your weighted hula hoop is working out (haha, pun...).

I did Weight Watchers for awhile, and it really kick-started me! Hope it does the same for you.

Thanks for visiting my blog eons ago.