Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get out and Vote

So, today is the big day. Election day. I have stayed out of the political fray here on the blog mostly because it requires a good bit of deep thought to craft a well written political essay. Thinking that hard gives me hives. I'd much rather just chat about it within my comfortable circle of friends...and read, read, read the news and some of my favorite blogs on the topic.

So I have formed some very specific opinions and I imagine you have too. I am just here to remind you to GO VOTE. It's that important. Plus, if you go to Starbucks and tell them you voted, they'll give you free coffee!

God Bless America!


Mrs said...

We voted. We got a free Krispy Kreme, a free Chik-fil-a sandwich, AND the free starbucks!

Talkin' Texan said...

I voted, but now that the votes are in, maybe I should have done it again! LOL

the pearson c.a.s.t. said...

Hi there!
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