Monday, October 6, 2008

Perhaps I'm underpaid...

Is THIS what they are paying babysitters these days? My goodness, babysitting is a virtual goldmine!! What does it come out to in your neck of the woods?

My son (Red Cross Certified) has a bright future ahead. Anyone need a sitter?


Lorraine said...

yea... no. That site says about 12$ an hour! This is why we only go out when Gramma is in town to watch the kids. Free babysitting rocks! The few times we have paid my sister to sit with them, we gave her minimum wage + 1 dollar per extra kid, which back then worked out to about 7$ an hour, today it would be abt 8$.

Mrs said...

I've already made plans to make my home as grandchild-friendly as possible, so staying the night at grandma's will be paradise!

Tyler swears he'll go off to college and come back with little duckies on the walls of his room. :-)