Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Years Ago

Seven years ago, I was a hopeful young mother. I was in my first year of homeschooling my oldest son who was six at the time. Coming up right behind him were his younger brothers, four and two years, respectively.

We were in our first home and scheduled to re-finance. The appraisal was scheduled for Tuesday morning. We were nervous and hopeful that our home had appreciated some in the short time we were there. I'll never forget when he (the appraiser) arrived. He had sort of a shell-shocked look on his face and didn't even really greet me. Instead he said, "Are you watching the TV? News? Do you know what's going on?" Just prior to his arrival, my husband had called with the terse message, "Turn on the TV."

I motioned the appraiser towards the Living Room and together we stood in front of the TV and watching in utter horror as the second plane hit. I looked across the room to my boys playing cheerfully with LEGOS and wondered what kind of world are they going to grow up in. So small and happy and unaware of the pure evil that exists just outside our door.

The appraiser did a cursory walk-through our home and stayed probably longer than he intended. The images were difficult to comprehend or pull away from. They are still with me today. I choose to remember. To forget would be to void all the lives lost that day and the many who have fought and lost their lives since then protecting us all from another 9-11.

I am ever grateful for our President and his leadership as well as our Military, Local Police and Fire-Fighters who fearlessly put their lives on the line to help preserve ours.

Click here for a complete list of lives lost that day. I imagine that time has helped some, but for many families today will still be difficult. If you feel led, say a prayer for them...and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!


Eric Wilbanks said...

Seems like ages ago...very odd. I will never forget what happened that day. "Tragic" doesn't even begin to describe those events. Truly the clearest picture of pure evil in our lifetime. I'm with you, though. I am extremely thankful that George Bush was our President when those planes struck. I was thinking just today about how low his "approval ratings" have sunk after the past four years. It's as if everyone in this country has forgotten how incredible he was throughout the aftermath. I will be forever grateful for his heart and leadership after 9/11.

JenIG said...

good heavens, it is GORGEOUS over here. totally jealous of your awesome blog coolness.

HOOOORAYYYY!!!!! that you're coming out! i cannot TELL you how excited i am about that!!! whooo hooo! if only we had a Chevys to go to celebrate...

I know, this was pathetically off subject. sorry.

Bridget said...

Thanks for the link. It's sad, my friend who lost her mom on 9/11 wants nothing to do with it. She has attended no memorials, not even added her mom's picture to her name. But we all grieve differently. And we all need to come together as a country after this, no matter how long time as passed.